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with profit up to 150 000 RUB per month and a payback period of less than three month
10 000+ adults and teenagers passed the original program of the Punkt B School
Ten years of experience in Career Counseling Programs
125 partners in Russia and CIS have already started a franchisee of the School
Career Choice School Franchise
Towards the Changes 2015
Business Success 2021
Winner of the Business Project Competitions
Winner of National Education Competitions
Competition of Innovations in Education 2015
School of 21st Century Skills 2017
The market needs efficient Career Counseling Education Programs
of employees have had the idea to change their career at least once
of alumni choose their future career every year
is the expected growth of education market by 2023 (since 2019)
rubles is the expected value of the online education market
That’s the reason the Punkt B Career Choice School has grown by 10 times
Here are the key features of our partner from Anytown
Net income per month: 144, 500 RUB
⚡ 22 individual programs (personal tuition + online diagnostics) for 10,000 RUB
Profit: 220,000 – 75,500 = 144,500 RUB
⚡ SMM: 31,500 RUB
⚡ Advertising budget: 44,000 RUB (2,000 RUB/per application)
Who can increase their profit with the Punkt B Career Choice School Franchise
State examination training center, private school, vocational education center
Self-employed Specialist
Psychologist, teacher, tutor, coach, career consultant, career counseling expert
Experts from other areas
Experts who would like to upgrade their qualifications or change their careers
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School Concept
All the programs and education products are developed using only the best practical knowledge and experience from Russia, Europe, and the USA
Only the best and most useful resources
Human relations are of the same importance as financial ratios. We develop a community of professionals.
A new expert community
Developed ecosystem:
  • Career Choice School
  • Career Counseling Business
  • Community
More than just a career choice
Career Choice School offers
Education and the necessary materials
  • Ready-made programs for working with customers (scenarios, customer’s workbooks, and diagnostic materials)
  • Staff training to work with the Career Choice program
  • Business plan (financial model) and school launch guide
  • Before you open your school, we will teach you and reveal all our secrets to ensure the most efficient and successful business management
  • A content plan and layouts of project promotional content
  • Punkt B brand identity (guideline for designers, logo, right to use a trademark)
  • Marketing consultancy support (supervision of your client’s cases)
  • Posting of your partner on the federal website
Consulting and Support
  • Comprehensive support to open the Punkt B school in any region
  • The possibility to plunge into business processes and launch franchise
  • Consultation in working with the program (supervision of your client’s cases)
  • Business management support
Steps to open the School
There are 28 days from the start to launching business
to receive materials and conclude agreement
1 day
to learn how to use the program
2-11 days
to study marketing and promotion
12-15 days
to meet with team and discuss the project launch
16-18 days
to launch the project: website, social nets, advertising
19-28 days
⚡ Your first customers
Franchise Cost
250,000 RUB
Get a free “I am a career counseling expert” advanced training course
Lump sum:
Summer bonus
Franchise Profit Calculator
The main profit is from individual programs
⚡ 22 individual programs (personal tuition + online diagnostics) for 10,000 RUB
Working hours: 22 x 4 = 88 hours
(a half of standard workload per month)
22 x 10,000 = 220,000 RUB
31,500 RUB
Expenses per month:
✋ Advertising budget: 44,000 RUB (2,000 RUB/one application)
Net profit:
Expenses in total:
31,500 + 44,500 = 75,000 RUB
Additional profit from group studies
80,000 – 26,000 = 54,000 RUB
⚡ One group consists of 10 students
Every student pays 8,000 RUB
Working hours: 9 hours of work with a group + 15 hours of individual work with students = 24 hours
8 x 10,000 = 80,000 RUB
✋ Advertising budget: 20,000 RUB
Expenses per month:
✋ Training: 6,000 RUB
Net profit:
20,000 + 6,000 = 26,000 RUB
Expenses in total:
220,000 – 75,500 = 144,500 RUB
About Punkt B project
The School has worked in a career counseling since 2012.
The School teaches people how to work in career counseling, transfers its rights in our Career Choice 2.0 original program, and helps create and develop career counseling projects all over the country and CIS. Our school grew by 10 times by 2021 and keeps stepping up the gears.
125 partners in Russia and CIS work with Career Choice Program
Our associates around the world
The Career Choice School aims to increase the number of successful and happy experts.

10,000 customers have already completed the program:
7500 children, 3450 adults, 50 organizations
Franchise feedback
  • Natalia Butakova
    Punkt B Regional partner in the city of Barnaul
    I have finally completed the program! When people know what they want, it comes to them. Congratulations!
    Now I am a unique Punkt B School regional partner in the city of Barnaul who implements the Career Choice Program. I would like to express my gratitude to Natalia Serpinova, Veronika Vinokurova, and Natalia Vinokurova, who shared their good and bad experiences in work with 1,600 teenagers, including orphans. They motivate us to continuously development!
    The Conscious Career Choice Course has undergone some changes. Now it is called Career Choice Course and contains an accumulated experience of the corporate training of such companies as Yandex, Google, Skolkovo Innovation Center, and Stanford University. It is a synthesis of great technique in one course!
    It has even more new fascinating features which you will discover later.
    Yes, it is now available in Barnaul for your kids!
  • Svetlana Makrova
    Punkt B Regional partner in the city of Irkutsk
    In December 2018, I had a great opportunity to complete the curriculum of the Career Choice Program for Punkt B regional representatives. I extended my competence in work with kids and teenagers. Moreover, I got to know a unique product and, more importantly, a well-organized system of education. First of all, it helped me understand the program from all sides and in all detail. Secondly, it allowed starting my own business. The cost of self-education paid off very quickly. The result of my education is an education center opened in my city where we help kids and teenagers to choose their careers.
  • Tatiana Khudyakova
    Punkt B Regional partner in the city of Kursk
    I would like to express my gratitude to Punkt B for a very interesting program. Career Choice is an intensive and fruitful course. The teamwork is interesting and really useful. Punkt B is a team of true professionals. They develop and help others to discover their talents. They teach how regional representatives can move further. Thank you! I am endlessly grateful that I found you in the Internet.
Career Choice School works under license No. 11610 as of October 19, 2020
License and other documents
License No. 11610 series 54Л01, form No. 0005224
Upon course completion, you receive a state-recognized Professional Development Certificate. Every certificate is registered in the Federal Register of Education Documents.